ColoredCrete Color Hardener is a high-strength uniformly pre-blended, ready-to-use, streak-free and dust-proof color hardener, formulated to easily integrate into the surface of freshly placed concrete. It is made with specially graded aggregates, light-fast synthetic and natural pigments for fading and UV-light resistance, and proprietary additives. It provides concreted area with a colored decorative finish and harden the concrete surface to protect against wear and abrasion. ColoredCrete Color Hardener is inert, double-milled, element-resistant and free from any fillers or extenders.


ColoredCrete Color Hardener is regularly used as a floor and wall hardening and coloring agent in concrete, and can be used in conjunction with texturing tools to simulate the look of stone, tile, slate and others. Ideally used in institutional, industrial, commercial and residential applications for exterior and interior concrete floors, where abrasion resistant colored floor is desired.

NOTE: This color chart is closest possible to the actual colors, for exact colors please refer to our product samples.