ADCO Terrazzo Overlay

Adco Terrazzo Overlay, is a performance product with a unique combination of hardness, flexibility, wear resistance and no shrinkage. Suddenly seamless floors of hundreds of square metes are no longer a problem. Adco Terrazzo Overlay, is an advanced, two compound professional grade screed that can be used to create uniform floors with small aggregate exposure, micro Terrazzo or Terrazzo with big aggregate. It can be grinded and polished to the desired appearance.


  • Natural Look
  • Matte to high gloss finish
  • Joint-free flooring
  • Only construction joints
  • ASTM & CE mark
  • LEED Certified product
  • Architectural Freedom
  • Custom color range
  • Indoor flooring
  • Performance Overlay
  • No shrinkage
  • High strength
  • High Flexibility
  • High abrasion resistance

Field of Application

Adco Terrazzo Overlay is used indoor for new and replacement residential, commercial and industrial flooring. Where you need high abrasion resistance. It can be used in schools, museums, shopping centers, restaurants, lobbies, airports, hotels and industrial floors, due to its high wear resistance.

Environmental Advantages

Use Adco Terrazzo Overlay to reduce carbon footprint and lower your environmental impact. Hard wearing flooring is achieved with low material consumption. Adco Terrazzo Overlay is classified Emicode ECI plus and can be used in LEED certified buildings.

Architectural Concrete

It gives almost infinite design possibilities, without compromising the quality. It is possible to make joint-free and crack-free floors in very large areas and play with the color, size and quantities of the aggregates. Logos and inserts can be put into the floor and all these options can be combined.

Industrial Applications

Due to its technical performance, Terrazzo floors can be used in heavy industrial applications and with the addition of special hard aggregates it will withstand heavy truck traffic, belt vehicles, AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicles) etc.